The Many Benefits of Self-Perform

Self-performing key scopes of work allow our project teams to be proactive rather than reactive. Our team sets the standard for the pace and quality of work on your project and is able to better anticipate and resolve potential construction issues.

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Quality Craftsmanship from a Master Builder

The current construction market in Colorado is in desperate need of skilled trades. This shortage can greatly impact the schedule of a project, especially in the critical path trades of concrete and wood framing. In response to this challenge, Shaw developed the capacity to self-perform these trades and more, allowing Shaw to act as the master builder.

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Our capabilities

The Self-Perform team is generating over $60M in revenue in framing, concrete, surveying and modular construction. The team has completed projects ranging from Denver urban apartment buildings to HUD complexes across the Western Slope. Currently, the Self-Perform Services team has over 40 skilled tradesmen with a backing of 250 Shaw employees. In 2022, the team completed 23 projects and is currently working on 14 projects throughout the Rocky Mountain region. The team continues to grow its scope of services including the recent addition of modular construction.

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Framing in Action

Shaw operates a panelization facility in Dacono. This facility allows us to purchase and store lumber in bulk and pass that savings back to our clients. Through this, we can drive a predictable outcome on two of the most crucial superstructure components of the building, not only through pricing but schedule too.

Being part of a team that is such an integral part of the success and profitability of our company is humbling and motivating.
— Teasy Antill Curry, Framing Operations Manager
Having a Self-Perform team is so important in our industry. Not only do we improve cost certainty through preconstruction, but we integrate VDC for systems coordination to ensure a successful build of your project.
— Jonathan Ciolkevich, Self-Perform Project Manager