Aspen Valley Ranch Residence

This luxury getaway and working ranch sits on 600 acres and features a main house, ranch house, horse barn, historic barn and pool house. Reclaimed wood was the dominant material used both structurally and decoratively on each of the buildings. The main residence touts Argentine maroon leather flooring, reclaimed antique wood, a media room, a master bathroom with a copper tub and an outdoor hot tub. The ranch house features rusted copper windows and a stone fireplace. Other amenities include a pastry kitchen, an imported French stove and a two-car garage. Shaw Constructionโ€™s scope also included roads, utility work and extensive restoration to the historic barn.

Aspen, Colorado
Michael Fuller Architects
Main House 12,500 Square Feet Ranch House 5,750 Square Feet Horse Barn 3,348 Square Feet Pool House 3,235 Square Feet
2 10978 143
10978 151
10978 176